Natural Building and bioclimatic architecture
saving natural resources and energy

In we deal with natural building and bioclimatic architecture, two practices that result in saving natural resources and energy, the first one at the construction stage of a house while the second one at maintaining stable conditions into it. Both of these practices result in huge enviromental but also economic benefits.

Natural Building as a term is quite new and is used to describe a building approach oriented at the use of natural, local, carefully chosen or recycled materials, simple tools and buiding techniques.

Almost in every place nature can provide us with the building materials we need. Because these materials do not need transportation, the economical and enviromental cost is very low. Some of these materials are renewable ( like the trees or straw) and some others ( like stones or earth) exist in such an abundance that are practically inexhaustible.

Contrary to industrial ecological materials, natural materials include none or minimum processing. The use of these materials does not contribute to forest destruction, waste of natural resources, pollution and doesn’ t depend on industrial materials or heavy machinery. Earth is non- toxic and totally recyclable. In these times of environmental degradation and lack of natural resources, alongside with the thousands of hidden toxins in our houses wouldn’t it be more reasonable to return to more innocent, cheap and healthy building materials?

We also deal with matters concerning energy, food, cultivation and generally with anything that can make our footprint more light and fair for planet earth.


with natural materials together with the owners or with our own crew


in natural building and viable technologies in general

Creating networks

between those who need help to build and those who are willing to offer.


through our data bank, arhitects, civil engineers, natural builders, volunteers.

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